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The Video

Alien Autopsy Video

Order the video from
and do your own analysis!

UFO Websites
the place to go for the latest "Alien Autopsy" info

"Santilli's Controversial Autopsy Movie"
by Kent Jeffrey

James Easton's Alien Autopsy page

Fortean Times Online
CNI News
The Art Bell Page
The Seventy Greatest Conspiracies of All Time
The VJ Enterprises Roswell Page

And in this corner...

The Committee for the Scientific Investigation of Claims of the Paranormal (CSICOP)

Royston Paynter's Skeptic's page
Jim Lippard's Skeptical Links Page

Other Movie Artists Analyze the "Autopsy"

Creature FX was the first FX company to weigh in about the autopsy film. (They're in the UK, so they heard about it before we did.) Their website features pix of their own (non-alien) autopsy. Nice work, too!

The Society of Operating Cameramen has a lengthy page summarizing the whole affair. Includes interesting comments about film stock, cameras, and military documentary procedure.

Steve Biggs - creature FX artist
Harry Joyner - cinematographer
Rick Lazzarini - creature FX artist

Medical Experts

"On Fox's 'Alien Autopsy' Show" - a list of faults found with the "autopsy" by Ed Uthman, MD. Also, see his Autopsy FAQ to see how autopsies really are done.

More medical opinions by Dr. Joachim Koch and Dr. Page Hudson are available on the Parascope website.

Related Topics

The Circlemakers - some folks say these guys created the autopsy film.
(We don't think so. But they sure do make darn fine crop circles!)

Faking UFO's - make your own UFO photos. Fool the experts!

Fun With Aliens

Viva Area 51!
- T-Shirts, posters, greeting cards....
one-stop shopping for all your alien needs.

flying saucerOwn Your Own Flying Saucer - clearly these were designed with the help of alien helium technology!

(Somewhat) Recommended Reading:

The UFO InvasionThe UFO Invasion
A collection of articles from The Skeptical Inquirer, including our own "How To Make An Alien". A bit dry in places, but that's the way facts are sometimes.

Captured By AliensCaptured By Aliens: The Search for Life and Truth in a Very Large Universe
Washington Post writer Joel Achenbach examines some very large questions. Hilarious reading (even if you don't like his answers).

The Day After RoswellThe Day After Roswell
This book just has to be the truth because it was written by a retired Army Colonel. And as any UFO believer will tell you, the Army never lies. Hmmm, wait a minute...

The Roswell UFO CrashThe Roswell UFO Crash
Good coverage of the whole shebang. The section on the Alien Autopsy seems rather ... familiar - yet we can't find mention of our names anywhere in the book.

Beyond RoswellBeyond Roswell: The Alien Autopsy Film, Area 51, & the U.S. Government Coverup of UFO's
We love this book: it's the one that uses our Alien Autopsy analysis to somehow suggest the alien is real - and the authors also seem to think we work for an FX company in Great Britain. Gotta love that kinda research.

Further Reading:

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