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How To Make An Alien

The step-by-step handbook.

This Just In...

Updates and Tidbits

They Said It
Couldn't Be Done

Oh, but it can! See some
other "alien autopsies".

Autopsy Bleeps
and Blunders

Watch the video and play Spot The Goof !

FX Artist Poll

We are not alone!

Autopsy Face-Off

Dueling Alien Autopsies!

Autopsy Face-Off II

Alien Autopsy vs.
the real thing.

The Faked-Or-Fiction FAQ

Before you send that angry Email, check here first.
(Then send it.)

The "authentic" 1947 footage

If you were planning to tell us "The film has been
verified", this'll save you some time.

The TIME Magazine article

Were they supporting us, or just plagiarizing?

We get a bit of
press attention

Who knew?

A few other opinions
we've collected

Make-Your-Own Alien Autopsy!

Makeup FX reference books and supply sources.

Alien Autopsy links

Web Awards

It's nice to be noticed.

Still not sure?
The hoaxers confessed in 2006.
Does that help?

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