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How To Make An Alien

The comment most often made about the "alien autopsy" film is professional creature FX artists don't know how this could be faked.

Here at the Truly Dangerous Company we do, among other things, creature effects.

So let's have a look at that particular claim, shall we?

Special Effects -
The Fine Art of Fooling People

The job of a special effects artist involves the following -

  1. creating stuff in an attempt to fool an audience
  2. looking at stuff other people created and trying to figure out how they did it
  3. thinking about how we might have done that other stuff

When we saw the "alien autopsy" show, we did the same thing. Our opinion? Not only could everything in the film easily have been done via commonly-used makeup FX techniques, that's exactly what it looks like.

And as for another often-heard claim that this "alien corpse", if phony, would have to be the best creature effect ever put on film... well, not only do we think it's a fake - we think it could have been a much better fake.

And we, pardon the expression, are not alone. For example, the FX artist seen on that show wasn't the only "award-winning creature designer" interviewed. A colleague of ours was also asked to review the footage for the show. He pronounced it bogus.

For some reason, his interview wasn't used.

Since the broadcast, we've spoken to many other people who do this sort of work for a living. We have yet to find one who thinks the "alien autopsy" is anything other than a special effect.

A few notes before we start

  • We happen to be skeptical types (boo, hiss!) but the opinions expressed here are shared by other FX artists, some of whom are a lot less skeptical about UFO's than we are. (A partial list of their names is available here.)
  • Many of the makeup FX techniques explained here did not exist until recently. So we should make it very clear that our assumption here is that the "alien autopsy" was not shot in 1947. Despite the claims of some, the autopsy film has never been examined by Kodak or any other reputable source.

    NOTE: As of December 2001, the above statement is still true.

    Unless and until the alien footage can be confirmed as 1947 vintage, we stand by our opinion the "autopsy film" was made recently, using modern makeup FX techniques.

The bottom line: whether you believe something weird happened at Roswell, New Mexico or not, the "alien" in this film sure as heck looks like a competently-made (but far from perfect) dummy.

Want to know how to make your own? You got it. Just don't tell anyone else about this stuff. These are trade secrets!

So get your rubber gloves on - here we go!

Note: The how-to pictures included in the following
sections are used by permission of
Rick Lazzarini's Character Shop (thanks, Rick!)
and are not to be reproduced in any form.

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