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Hey Look - We Made the News!

ABC News 20/20 - April 4, 1997

Possibly the first prime-time presentation of an opposing viewpoint to the original FOX-TV broadcast. (Gee, it only took eighteen months.)

Hi, MomIn addition to showing Trey pointing out flaws in the autopsy FX, the show touched on several other major points - including the fact that the film has never been "verified", the irregularities in the technique of the supposed "military cameraman", and Stan Winston's real opinion of the film.

The show also included a nice demonstration of alien-autopsying by Steve Johnson, whose Roswell alien is already preferred three to one by autopsy hoaxers everywhere.

FOX-TV News At Ten (San Francisco) - November 8, 1996

Aired a series of followups on the "Alien Autopsy" film. In one of the segments, Trey appeared on camera next to two-time Oscar winner Phil Tippett. Both gave their opinion on the "autopsy". It went like this:

Phil Tippett: "It's a rubber guy."
Trey Stokes: "Yeah, it's a rubber guy."

(At least there wasn't much room for misinterpretation.)

The reporter somehow got the idea that Trey, rather than Phil Tippett, had worked on Jurassic Park, and said so on the air - despite the fact that Tippett's Oscar for that film was sitting on a nearby shelf during the entire interview. But hey, it's an honor just to be nominated...

Cinescape magazine - July, 1996

An issue devoted to The X-Files, ID4, and other extraterrestrial topics featured a sidebar mentioning How to Make An Alien.

Could it be because the same author also wrote the "E.T. or F/X?" article for Internet Underground (see below)? Hmm, could be.

Globo TV (Brazil) - February 4th, 1996

Aired an update about the "alien autopsy" (yes, it was a big TV hit there, too), based upon our How to Make An Alien page.

The Washington Post - December 22nd, 1995

Joel Achenbach's Why Things Are column tackled the complex question "Why do some people believe the Air Force recovered extraterrestrial bodies from a UFO crash near Roswell, N.M. in 1947?", and included a quote from our Skeptical Inquirer article as part of the answer.

Skeptical Inquirer - January/February 1996

Skeptical Inquirer

Featured a slightly altered print version of
How to Make An Alien.

UFO Times - January 1996

Also featured a slightly altered print version of How to Make An Alien.

UFO Magazine - November/December 1995

Mentioned our Alien Autopsy page in an editorial entitled "Footage Update: Why Skepticism Reigns".

Internet Underground - Volume One, Issue One

Their debut issue listed our alien autopsy site as one of its Net Top Ten for the month, and also gave us more attention than we probably deserved in an article entitled Autopsy - E.T. or F/X?

Skeptical Inquirer - November/December 1995

Skeptical Inquirer

Trey got a brief quote in Joe Nickell's Alien Autopsy article.

SI articleReprint available

The Modesto Bee - October 3, 1995

Rusty Coats' Propellerhead column was the first newspaper article to mention our Alien Autopsy page.

Modesto Bee ArticleReprint available

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