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Faked-or-Fiction Updates:


It's been almost nine years since we bothered to post any updates to the site - there wasn't a lot more to say.

Until the "autopsy" hoaxers finally confessed in early 2006, that is. Okay, it was two years ago and we didn't post an update about that because we weren't exactly shocked - we're the ones who said it was a hoax since day one, remember?


Captured By AliensNo, nothing new in Alien Autopsy news - but we just wanted to share this link to an article entitled Captured By Aliens, in which author Joel Achenbach goes to a convention in search of the answer to the eternal question, "Am I really an alien in human form?"

And guess what? He is!

He also has a new book out, with the same title.

Coincidence? We don't think so...


We recently noticed this rather unusual listing in the Internet Movie Database.

Listings in the IMDb are mostly supplied by users - apparently somebody submitted this bogus info, and the IMdb posted it without checking up.

The question is - is this a joke... or a public confession? (We're guessing it's the former.)


Well, here's an interesting news story...

"Alien Autopsy" a Hoax, Fox Says

by Bridget Byrne, December 11, 1998, 5:20 p.m. PT

Remember Alien Autopsy: Fact or Fiction?, Fox's much-hyped 1995 special that purported to show a real, deceased E.T. sliced and diced on tape?

Now, that documentary, which paraded out several "experts" (including Hollywood makeup men) to account for the veracity of the autopsy footage, has been shown to be a fake. Believe it or not, it's Fox itself that has "exposed" Alien Autopsy. The news is revealed in, you guessed, another hokey sensationalistic special scheduled to air on the network.

In fact, World's Greatest Hoaxes: Secrets Finally Revealed, hosted by Lance Henriksen and airing December 28 at 8 p.m., is executive produced by Robert Kiviat, the same guy who made the ratings-friendly Alien Autopsy.

Kiviat says that the idea to do a special on hoaxes came about when he was looking at footage for inclusion in his 1997 Fox special, UFO's, The Best Evidence Ever Caught on Tape. He wondered how some of the stuff was created. According to a flamboyant Fox press release, the latest hourlong special uses "NASA-type video enhancements" to shed new light on how the peep into alien innards--"one of the biggest hoaxes of all time"--was accomplished.

Kiviat, who says he always doubted the truth of the alien autopsy, describes his specials as having "a documentary spin." Digital enhancement revealed a previously invisible face in a segment of very dark footage. Four months of what he calls "Woodward and Bernstein-type journalism" enabled his researchers to track down the actor with that face.

Turns out the autopsy was not shot on film in 1947 when aliens reportedly landed near Roswell, New Mexico. It was shot on video in 1994...

Reprinted from E! Online

What? The "Alien Autopsy" is fake? Imagine our surprise!

Naturally, as soon as this show aired, there came an explanation of why Fox's "evidence" didn't prove a thing.

And to be honest - we agree. Then again, we didn't think Fox's original PRO-autopsy "evidence" proved anything three years ago, either.

Is it possible tabloid TV simply isn't a reliable technique for scientific research?


Trey was a guest lecturer at the conference on Hollywood, the Media and the Supernatural in Los Angeles on November 14th. (Other speakers included Steve Allen and actor/director Peter Bonerz.)

Trey's topic? "Alien Autopsies Across the Globe" - an overview of "alien autopsy" re-creations.


The UFO Invasion

A modified text version of How To Make An Alien appears in the book The UFO Invasion.

(All proceeds from sales of the book go to CSICOP.)


Just when we start to think this whole "alien autopsy" thing is over, it starts up again. (And with the 50th anniversary of the "Roswell Incident" coming up this summer, it may not be over for a long while yet.)

And the bandwagon got rolling again recently, with Trey's April 4th appearance on ABC's 20/20.

One of the highlights of the 20/20 interview which ended up on the cutting room floor involved correspondent Bob Brown asking Trey if he'd ever get tired of the role of "alien autopsy FX debunker".

The answer? "What do you mean, if?"

(See the CSICOP Web page for a brief description of the 20/20 show, which also included a dandy new autopsy sequence by Steve Johnson.)


It seems there have been a number of "Alien Autopsy - One Year Later" follow-ups in the media lately.

Certainly one of the most amusing results of this whole affair is the number of times Steve Johnson's "Roswell - The Movie" alien has been used in fake autopsy photographs. (And every time it shows up, it seems that somebody decides it's the "real" alien.)

We'd like to think Steve's alien is the hoaxers' dummy of choice because we suggested the idea over a year ago... but it's probably just coincidence.

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